I found this book to be very helpful. If you have surfed through multiple internet sources to look up how credit scores are calculated, or were not sure how to deal with debt refinancing or even just what are some steps to minimize the stress associated managing monthly finances, then this book will be invaluable.

Perhaps the best aspect of this book in my opinion is that Ms. Hansen ties together several different aspects of managing personal debt, and provides clear and succinct information on each of them. For example, not only listing the major credit rating agencies but providing contact information and step by step procedure in dealing with them in order to fix a credit reporting issue. Or even providing a section on handling the emotional stress of debt. A lot of it is common sense, but its rare to see it all laid out in one place and in very concise format.

In particular, there is a lot of good material on how credit ratings are calculated, and what are good strategies for repairing credit, some of which are usually over looked by typical credit counselors.

Overall, this is a very comprehensive look at managing personal credit, but never talks down or overwhelms you with information. This is the sort of book you will read once or twice and then keep in your home office as a convenient reference guide.



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