Money Coaching Sessions – $495 per hour
These sessions are intended to focus on the emotional side of money and how it affects your well-being and the quality of your relationships. The unconscious behaviours that motivate your financial decisions will be explored to eliminate any limiting beliefs around money in order to establish healthy habits, inner peace, and strong interpersonal relationships.

Cash Flow Planning – $1,995
Managing money is much more than math and it can be one of the biggest stressors in our lives. As a certified cash flow specialist, I’m trained to build and create a cash flow strategy customized for your unique situation to give you the clarity and specific actions you need to take to achieve those goals without compromising your lifestyle.

Retirement Income Planning Services

Proper retirement and estate financial planning not only allows you to maximize investments while minimizing taxes, but also empowers you to stress-test potential retirement plan scenarios. This is crucial to ensure that you get the most out of your hard-earned cash without the worry of you outliving your money.

Through a tailored-to-you approach, I’ll guide you through complicated and daunting financial decisions while helping you worry less about market downturns, emergency expenses, and both healthcare and long-term care costs. And because everyone’s financial circumstances are unique, I’ll help you understand what your best course of action would be and why.

It’s never too late (or too early) to devise a retirement plan that won’t only get you to retirement, but through it with ease.

Financial Health Checkup & Retirement Readiness Report  $495

Not knowing where you stand financially can be extremely stressful. That’s why it’s essential to get an objective assessment of your overall financial health from a professional advisor.

This session is designed to help you understand your current financial situation by outlining areas of strength and areas for improvement as it relates to your short-term and long-term objectives.

It includes:

  • A one-hour Zoom meeting and recording
  • A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) Report with action items
  • A Retirement Readiness report
  • A 25% discount on a retirement plan

    Retirement Plan $2,195 (One (1) scenario)

    The only way to measure and know what you need to do to create, maintain and distribute wealth, is to have an integrated, holistic plan that incorporates and projects tax liabilities throughout your life.

    • A retirement plan answers key questions including:
    • How much do I need to save for retirement?
    • What type of investments should I own?
    • What return do I need on my portfolio to achieve my monthly retirement income?
    • When should I take CPP and OAS?
    • When would it be best to convert my RRSP to a RRIF?
    • Is there a way I can save on taxes?

    This plan includes:

    • Comprehensive retirement plan.
    • When to take CPP and OAS to maximize your retirement income
    • A clear plan to maximize cash flow while minimizing taxes.
    • An overview of multiple scenarios to answer your “What if..” questions
    • Tax planning around investment accumulation and decumulation.
    • Estate planning and reducing your tax bill on passing.
    • An integrated, written retirement plan with your preferred scenario

    Full Retirement Plan $4,595 ( Two (2) scenarios and Two (2) updates)

    A retirement income plan is a dynamic road map that needs to be updated and adjusted as critical life events occur, such as engagement, marriage, the birth of children and grandchildren as well as divorce and death. This full retirement plan includes 2 updates with no expiry date so I can help you get back on track quickly when critical life events occur.

    This plan includes:

    • Everything in the Retirement Plan
    • Two (2) scenarios for retirement and side-by-side comparisons
    • Two (2) revisions with no expiry date
    • Coverage of complex cash flow scenarios
    • Detailed Net Worth, Cash Flow, Real Estate and Tax Liabilities projections

    Full Retirement Plan for Business Owners $6,595

    This plan includes:

    • Everything in the Financial Plan.
    • Corporate tax and income planning.
    • Capital Dividend Account planning and utilization.
    • Transitioning your assets from corporate to personal tax efficiently.

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    All sessions and plans are quoted in Canadian funds, include tax, and are non-refundable and fully transferrable.