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101 Powerful Tips For Improving Your Credit Score


Regardless of how bad your credit score may be, there are things you can do to improve it and keep it in good standing. This indispensable guide was written to share 101 proven strategies to help you achieve stellar credit.

Here’s a preview of what this book will teach you:

  • What a credit score is and why you need to improve it
  • How to interpret your credit report
  • How your credit score works
  • The best ways to improve your credit score
  • When and how to seek professional help to assist you in improving your credit
  • How to think like a lender
  • How to adopt good financial habits
  • How to make the credit repair process easier on yourself
  • and much more!

As a key bonus, you will also get access to chapters on managing your student debt and ensuring that your emotions do not get the best of you during the process of improving your credit score.

This book is concise, easy to follow, and will have you ready to start improving your credit immediately.

What Readers Shared

Great introductory guide to credit scores.

101 Powerful Tips For Improving Your Credit Score provides a comprehensive guide for the average consumer to understand and take steps to improve their credit score. The guide is well written and easily understandable to all. It provides insight into how credit scores are assessed and clear, actionable tips for improving ones credit score.

As a retired banker with ~ 40 years of experience, I think this is a worthwhile read for all.

Vic Tyson

Book Review

As someone who works in the financial services industry, I think this book is a fantastic summary of what every adult needs to know about credit. I guide people to how to have financial independence and avoid/or eliminate debt so I’ll be recommending them each get a copy of this great book. It would be an ideal read for any young adult before they get a credit card.

Fernando Minervini

Easy to understand guide to understanding credit scores and how they impact your life

I found this book to be very helpful. If you have surfed through multiple internet sources to look up how credit scores are calculated, or were not sure how to deal with debt refinancing or even just what are some steps to minimize the stress associated managing monthly finances, then this book will be invaluable.

Perhaps the best aspect of this book in my opinion is that Ms. Hansen ties together several different aspects of managing personal debt, and provides clear and succinct information on each of them. For example, not only listing the major credit rating agencies but providing contact information and step by step procedure in dealing with them in order to fix a credit reporting issue. Or even providing a section on handling the emotional stress of debt. A lot of it is common sense, but its rare to see it all laid out in one place and in very concise format.

In particular, there is a lot of good material on how credit ratings are calculated, and what are good strategies for repairing credit, some of which are usually over looked by typical credit counselors.

Overall, this is a very comprehensive look at managing personal credit, but never talks down or overwhelms you with information. This is the sort of book you will read once or twice and then keep in your home office as a convenient reference guide.


I wish I had this book in my hands 25 years ago…

ESSENTIAL read for pretty much everyone in today’s day and age. Truly and A-Z on everything to do with managing, maintaining and dealing with credit and risk in your day to day life. Starts with the basics – Pascale does an excellent job of providing the reader with everything they need to know about what a credit score is, the vernacular that is used, how it works and why it’s important. Useful tips and tricks throughout the book – not a long read but an fantastic resource that will remain on my shelf, everyone should own a copy of this. 10/10

Steve S

Wish I read this years ago!

Why don’t they teach these lessons in school?!!? Great book, easy to read and understand. I am putting the tips into practice, already seeing a change in my credit score. A must buy for the people in your life who are about to make a major purchase like a home. Wow. I will keep this guide handy for years to come. Loved it!



Shine – Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity


SHINE: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity features interviews with 10 inspiring and successful women in business. These successful women may look like they “have it all,” but the reality is that they have had to overcome challenges and adversity to get to where they are today. Their stories, compiled by Suzanne Doyle-Ingram, will inspire and encourage you to keep going after your dreams. If they can do it, so can you! In SHINE, you will learn strategies on: - Choosing love over fear - Mindset strategies that work - Developing a support network - Aligning your core values - Finding balance when things are tough - How starting over can be a new beginning - Coping strategies and much more. We are all confronted with adversity from time to time but it is how you choose to react to challenges that makes all the difference.

What Readers Shared

Pearls of Wisdom

There are tremendous ‘pearls of wisdom’ in these pages. Although these women come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, they share the following attributes: Vision, Fortitude, Soulfulness, and the refusal to ‘stay small’ in the face of adversity. Each chapter is a stand-alone contemplation, written with vulnerability and courage, making the stories and their authors both relatable and inspirational!

Amazon Customer

Gave me Strength. I can do it to.

WOW! Such an inspirational book! I feel empowered by the stories of these women. They all went through rough times and all have lots of tips to share that I will certainly use in my life from now on. Thank you ladies for opening yourselves and sharing. It gave me strength and willingness to believe that if you can do it, so can I.


Truly Inspirational

What a fabulous collection of stories that are truly inspirational. I especially liked Pascale’s insights and tips. I recommend this to everyone.

Amazon Customer

Simple Success Strategies


Inside Simple Success Strategies, you'll discover inspiring tips and strategies to take your own business to the next level. In this book you will learn: -How Niching Can Grow Your Business  -Creating a Powerful Brand -Establishing Financial Security -How to Discover Your Unique Writing Voice -Developing Client Creation Values -Wealth Generating Strategies -Using Video to Shine Online  -The Brain and Success Connection  -How to Achieve Any Goal -How Not to Say Yes to Everything -Why You Need a Blog And much more...

100% of the retail royalties from this book are being donated to the eWomenNetwork Foundation to benefit women and children in the United States and Canada.

What Readers Shared

A gem of a book! Women helping women. I love it!

When powerful entrepreneurial women gather together to share their stories, successes and failures the results are indeed powerful! I loved the format of the book. 11 inspiring women entrepreneurs sharing their wealth of experience to help other women grow and take their businesses to the next level. Each segment had a nugget to think about in my own business. I love books that I can read in short segments, (because who has time for more than that?!) feel inspired and come back to again and again when I need some motivation! Well worth the read!


I love that it offers a variety of “voices” – terrific …

This little gem is long overdue! Inspiring, motivational and yet down to earth, this publication delivers what the title promises in a very engaging manner. I love that it offers a variety of “voices” – terrific collaboration so that the sum is greater than its parts! Both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs will find something of value here.

L. H.

A real boost of knowledge and energy!

So many different tips and strategies that I will definitively use in my business and for my personal life as well! Easy to read, well put together and very inspiring! This book really gave me a boost of knowledge and energy! It’s the experience of 11 women combined into one! Fantastic!